SIANspheric "The Owl" / "Smokin' Richie"

SIANspheric 'The Owl' / 'Smokin' Richie'
The nearly 10-year gap between SIANspheric releases is nearly over, with the gauzy Hamilton, ON indie crew set to issue their two-song single for Noyes Records on May 13. Ahead of the release date, though, you can sample both of the record's blissed-out excursions now on at Exclaim!

A-side "The Owl" is a heady nocturnal adventure rife with dream pop textures, from breathed-out vocals and water-trickle guitar noodlings to the slow-mo drum wallop and a finely woven blanket of distortion. "Smokin' Richie" takes things from a much gentler point of view, dialling down the fuzz in the front end of the song in favour of unfurling airy, ambient guitar tones. Sustained six-strings, mind you, end up howling on the indie ballad by song's end.

You can check out both tracks ahead of the vinyl release via the player down below. The limited-edition record, meanwhile, arrives in a small- un of 100 copies on blue vinyl and 200 on black.