Shotgun & Jaybird There are Days and Then There are Days

Ghosts from the indie rock boom of the 1990s haunt Sackville, NB’s Shotgun & Jaybird. Intriguing enough to lure Julie Doiron as a full-time member, Shotgun & Jaybird recall all that was so "slacker” about 1995. Songs like "Long Distance Dates” and "What is this…Vegas?” are wordy and roughly rendered in a manner that Butterglory might have employed. The surreal "Hindsight” and "Secret” are just dead-ringers for Pavement b-sides, while "Marquee Glass” possesses the grungy, stoned structure of a pained Lou Barlow song. Obvious influences aside, Shotgun & Jaybird make stark sounds their own on this endearing EP. (Decon)