Shotgun & Jaybird Trying to Get Somewhere

Refreshingly self-conscious, Sackville, NB’s Shotgun & Jaybird continue to time-warp listeners back to the heady infancy of homespun, quirky indie rock. An earnest art rock combo, Shotgun & Jaybird play down their skills a bit, writing catchy, interesting songs while sounding like they couldn’t care less about what they’re doing. It’s a familiar attitude for fans of Archers of Loaf or Pavement and, similarly, Shotgun & Jaybird are endearingly self-aware of their own musical methodology. Somewhere between Shellac and Sonic Youth, "3 1 8 6 4 2 9 7 5” is a treat for fans of counting, as the title measures the song’s structure. "Two and Two is Four” is a similar "how-to guide” to writing songs and home recording. While these gestures possess a hint of sarcasm, their intention appears to be more empowering than snide. The arrangements are rather punk rock in their tone and energy, coming across as innocent and indifferent to conventional structure. That said, a song like "Lovers of the World Be on Time Tonight” is somewhat intricate, capturing the mood and essence of the Velvet Underground. Similarly, "Head Security Guard Surveys the Ground around Him” is a hypnotising pop song with gritty, muddy guitar riffs snaking around irresistibly. In a very real sense, Trying to Get Somewhere is a powerful, inspiring record almost in spite of itself. (Sappy)