Shad and Skratch Bastid Head to "Work" on New Track

Watch a video for the Canadian rapper's second single of 2021
Shad and Skratch Bastid Head to 'Work' on New Track
Following an April team-up with pHoenix Pagliacci on "Out of Touch," Shad has come together with Skratch Bastid on new single "Work."

"Work" finds Shad navigating the labour landscape over explosive production from Bastid and Big Kill, frantically "looking for a job" while feeling the push-pull between taking a break and breaking oneself for capital.

You can watch a video from frequent collaborator Justin Broadbent below.

In a statement, Shad had the following to say about his latest track:

Like "Out of Touch," "Work" was another song written pre-pandemic that is (sadly) even more timely now. I knew I wanted to write a song specifically about two aspects of work: One, the way so many of our jobs are disconnected from a sense of meaning and purpose, and from the people and places they impact. And two, just the increasing precarity and scarcity of work. Also as with "Out of Touch," I wanted the song to hold both the irony/humour and heaviness of our situation.

As for the video itself, Broadbent said: "I tried to make a classic, in-studio, rap video (think Rakim) but accidentally took an off-ramp, and it became way more grainy punk. As always, Shad delivers on the clever, collaged, comments — so I tried to do the same with the visuals. Watch it loud!" 

Both "Work" and "Out of Touch" have arrived through Secret City Records ahead of more material to come in 2021.

Shad's most recent album remains 2018's A Short Story About a War.