Saukrates 'Season 2' (album stream)

Saukrates 'Season 2' (album stream)
After first teasing his Season 2 LP to us way back in 2014, Saukrates has now delivered the album in its entirety, and you can hear the whole thing right now.

Arriving today (November 17) through Culvert MusicSeason 2 runs 11 tracks in length and features appearances from fellow Canadian MCs Kardinal Offishall and SonReal. The full-length follows Saukrates' 2014 EP Amani, promising "a versatile array of acrobatic bars and emphatic sung vocals."

In a statement to Exclaim!, Saukrates had this to say about the new project:

Sometimes it's hard to put into words how one feels after being appreciated for one's art over such a long period of time. I guess I was destined to keep going after writing a song like "Father Time" in the beginning. It's truly an honour to have the opportunity to release an album more than 20 years "post-birth" that people still care about, talk about, smoke about, write about, dance about, love about, etc.

Shouts go out to Dominique and Albert Zgarka for breathing new life into my career. Shouts go out to Steve Chahley (mix engineer) and producers Bobby Wham, Memorecks, Tone Mason and Rich Kidd for helping me see another LP through to completion. And most importantly, love goes out to my wife and son, Alana and Dakota, for supporting my craft and keeping me "daddy-fresh" through almost two decades now.

Exclaim! My silent partner(s)…I've always appreciated the front-page attention and the forum you tend to keep me in...OG status!!

Season 2 has come!!

Take in all of Season 2 in the player below. Its artwork, above, comes courtesy of Alex D. Zimmerman.