Ruby Waters Goes on a Wild Ride in "Blow" Video

Ruby Waters Goes on a Wild Ride in 'Blow' Video
Photo: Citizen North (@therollingvan)
Toronto singer-songwriter Ruby Waters was named one of Exclaim!'s New Faves last year on the strength of her If It Comes Down to It EP, and last week's single, "Blow," has kept up her hot streak. The sultry midtempo pop tune has now been treated to a thrilling new video.

Said Waters in a press release, "'Blow' is about sex, love, magic, and living your best life — it's about not feeling guilty about your passionate desires and fantasies, and most importantly, not being afraid to go after them."

It's a feeling certainly furthered by the video. Directed by Stephen Trivieri (who helmed the video for Waters and DillanPonders' 2020 collab, "JUNGLE"), the "Blow" clip tells the story of a pair of robbers, played by Waters and Clark Barcena. The video is just as sensual and intimate as the song, and its retro aesthetic — with prominent film grain and vintage cars — is juxtaposed nicely against rapid-fire editing and its decidedly modern twist ending, which finds Waters' character making confident moves to get what she wants.

Watch the "Blow" video below.