Robert Hood Point Blank

Robert Hood’s first release for the Peace Frog label takes his Detroit-born minimal techno through a range of BPMs and moods in a hypnotic journey from satisfyingly pure techno to experimental soundscapes. Hood’s attunement to the finer subtleties of rhythm and sound set Point Blank apart from repetitive techno fare, and it gives a melodic quality to Hood’s sparse techno tracks that carries throughout the album. The slow trance like hypno-loop of "Method b,” to the quicker progressive loop of "Wrath Meditation” and the clubbish thump of "Pitch Black,” are good examples of the diversity of sound to be found within the art of minimal techno and from one artist. But what is most enjoyable here is that in the fine hands of Hood the album as a whole moves forward with that smooth and soothing but driving electronic beat that the genre is known for. (R2)