Rich Homie Quan Issues Another Apology for Rape Lyrics

Rich Homie Quan Issues Another Apology for Rape Lyrics
Earlier this spring, Rich Homie Quan apologized after a rape-referencing track called "I Made It" leaked its way onto the internet. Not long after that, an even more explicit song referencing rape emerged online, and now the rapper has apologized once again.

This latest song is called "Day 1," and it includes the line, "Mansions full of bitches, about to rape one." Billboard asked the MC if he felt he owed fans an apology, and he responded, "Yes, I do. I do not condone or promote rape. I'm not a rapist. That song was recorded in December 2012. I was young and just rapping. At the time, I had no guidance in my life. I blame it on that. So I apologize once more to my fans."

This is a fairly similar apology to the last one Rich Homie Quan made, when he likewise explained that the song in the question was made when he was young and said that he "would never condone rape."

The rapper's argument that the song is several years old might not do much to prevent criticism. After all, Action Bronson recently got booted from his slot at NXNE over misogynistic lyrics from a song called "Consensual Rape" that's several years old. Then again, at least Rich Homie Quan apologized, whereas Bronson joked about his critics getting "their panties in a bunch."

Rich Homie Quan's career doesn't seem to have been hurt too much by the controversy, since his single "Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)" is currently performing well on the charts.