We Have Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian to Thank for the Glory of Edging

Barker claims to be behind the most satisfying invention since sliced bread

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 14, 2022

Perhaps against your will, you already know that Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian — our reigning couple-in-chief of cringe — are edgy. But did you know they're also edging?

It's probably a safe assumption, sure, but a TikTok promoting Blink-182's new single "EDGING" sees Barker claim that the pair invented the act of the song's namesake. In the clip, the newly reunited classic punk lineup come together to discuss what edging means to them.

"Obviously, for perverts like you, it's all about having an orgasm," don't-call-it-a-comeback guitarist and open letter-writer Tom DeLonge said, while memoirist and bass player Mark Hoppus answered, "Oh, that's easy! Edging is about lawn care."

Last — where nice guys finish — but certainly not least, Barker squeezed out a "fun fact" before the video was done. "My wife and I invented edging," the drummer and general hitter boldly declared.

According to the prudish dictionary that is Merriam-Webster, the most basic definition of "edging" is simply "something that forms an edge or border." But all of you sick freaks likely associate the term with a sexual act, sometimes also referred to as "peaking" or "surfing" (maybe the Beach Boys caught the wave early?), where a high level of arousal is maintained for an extended period of time without climax. (In other words: delayed gratification, sex edition.) The technique dates back to sexual wellness publications of the 1980s.

Paper Magazine has suggested that Barker's answer might actually be a metaphorical comment on the way the media has covered his relationship with Kardashian: thirsty to get even further down the throats of the PDA-heavy couple. We could go one step further to speculate that this interpretation, and Kravis's overtly sexual behaviour in general, functions to hold up a mirror to the society that has created invasive tabloid journalism. Look who's grinding now!

Watch the Blink-182 TikTok below via @PopCrave on Twitter.

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