Rehearsal Factory Begins Evicting Geary Avenue Bands Following C3 Church Purchase

322 Geary is being closed, while 330 Geary is planned to remain open for three years

Photo: Alex Hudson

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 14, 2022

To the dismay of the Toronto music scene, Rehearsal Factory recently sold its Geary Avenue location to C3, an Australian church that opposes gay marriage. Now, some tenants of that facility have been given a two-month notice to leave.

The Rehearsal Factory location in question is split across two buildings: 330 and 322 Geary Avenue. Musicians who rent practice spaces in the building at 322 Geary received notices dated January 13, 2022, informing them that they must vacate the room by March 15. The notice reads, "Due to many circumstances beyond our control, regrettably Rehearsal Factory 322 Geary Avenue has been sold and is closing down."

In an email to Exclaim!, Rehearsal Factory president Chris Skinner said that, for now, only the building at 322 Geary will be closing, and that 330 Geary will continue to operate as a practice space facility for three years.

Previously, Skinner told Exclaim! in December that Rehearsal Factory was "working on a lease back to allow the tenants to stay, probably for about three to five years."

See the notice that renters received below. It was posted by PUP guitarist Steve Sladkowski.

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