Toronto's Rehearsal Factory Officially Sells Geary Avenue Location to C3 Church

The practice space's owners are working out a lease to allow current tenants to stay for three to five years

Photo: Alex Hudson

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 10, 2021

Following rumours and reports, Toronto practice space company Rehearsal Factory has confirmed that it has sold its Geary Avenue facility to C3, a church originally founded in Australia.

In October, C3 released a brochure saying, "We have closed the sale at $12,800,000 for 322 and 330 Geary Ave." 

Now, in a statement to Exclaim!, Rehearsal Factory president Chris Skinner has confirmed the sale. Although he did not confirm the price, he stated in an email, "The building has been sold to C3 and [we are] working on a lease back to allow the tenants to stay, probably for about three to five years." In a subsequent email, he said that "the terms of lease have not been figured out yet, but it looks like three years."

Earlier this year, C3 announced that it had purchased the Rehearsal Factory buildings located at 330 and 322 Geary Avenue. At that time, Chris Skinner and vice-president Evon Skinner told Exclaim! that, although an offer had been made, they had not yet sold the building.

Rehearsal Factory has been selling a number of its practice space facilities in and around the GTA. Most recently, bands renting spaces at the Mississauga and Front Street locations were told that they needed to vacate in December [via NOW]. The Richmond Street location was sold back in the spring.

C3 Toronto's website makes claims like, "You won't be met with shame, guilt, or condemnation," "We're about loving others," and "Whatever your story is, God wants to be a part of it." According to the church's global website, however, "Marriage was instituted by God, ratified by Jesus, and is exclusively between a man and a woman."

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