Raury "Home"

Raury 'Home'
Rapper/singer Raury hit the road last year in support of his debut full-length, All We Need. He's currently out in Australia with A$AP Rocky and has European dates with Macklemore coming up quick as well. While it's a busty and exciting time, no doubt, all that travelling has led to Raury releasing a reflective and relaxed single called "Home."

The piece was co-produced by Raury and Take a Daytrip, while additional arranging was provided by Peter Cottontail and bass work was delivered by Jesse Belilenberg. It's a slow-groove single, where a chilly metronome clack, pillowy synth tones and crawling guitar lines settle beneath Raury's nostalgic lines about life back home.

"Home is where your mom is," he sings sweetly. "Home is where it begins."

You'll find the track streaming down below, while Raury's global tour schedule can be found over here.