Pelican "Deny the Absolute" (video)

Pelican 'Deny the Absolute' (video)
If you haven't had the chance to catch Chicago post-metal crew Pelican onstage over the years, the outfit are giving you a taste of what to expect. You'll find them slinging riffs for the faithful in the tour travelogue behind Forever Becoming's "Deny the Absolute."

Directed by Kenneth Thomas, the film finds Pelican blasting out the savage instrumental track from a series of stages, whether they be traditional rock clubs or a snowy indoor forest scene littered with taxidermized wildlife. There's some day-to-day tour biz to be peeped as well, from load-ins to highway-shot views, to a slow scroll along a map. The latter, of course, reflecting how many miles the metal road warriors have logged across the continent.

You can check out the video down below.

Meanwhile, Pelican's upcoming The Cliff EP, which revisits the Forever Becoming song of the same name with some remixes, arrives February 24 through Southern Lord.