Paul Jacobs "Born in a Zoo" (video)

Paul Jacobs 'Born in a Zoo' (video)
Last year, Montreal-via-Windsor music maker Paul Jacobs got in touch with his "Human Emotion," but for his latest offering he's taking a slightly more animalistic approach.
His latest video accompanies the single "Born in a Zoo," which comes from Jacobs's upcoming record Pictures, Movies & Apartments. He promises that the LP features "lots of emotion" and "cool beats," and says he was aiming to create a sound that won't get played out any time soon.

"I was thinking of timeless songs while recording," he tells Exclaim! "I didn't want to think about what was cool at the time, I just tried to give myself something that I would enjoy listing to."
The clip for "Born in a Zoo" is a brightly coloured affair that layers lighting and effects to make for a rather psychedelic experience. It perfectly complements the hazy swirl of sound captured in the song itself, and you can take it all in down below.
The new album will be welcomed with a release show in Montreal on February 3 at the Matahari Loft.