OMBIIGIZI Reflect on Childhood Memories in "Cherry Coke" Video

Zoon and Status/Non Status have shared their soft new single

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 20, 2022

OMBIIGIZI, the super-duo of Daniel Monkman (Zoon) and Adam Sturgeon (Status/Non-Status), have released their second single. "Cherry Coke" is out now with an accompanying video.

The song is a mournful ballad that's a lot softer than the shoegaze-y music these two are normally known for, with Monkman's voice coming through clearly and sweetly. There's some swelling fuzz in the second half of song, but it's still a very different sound from these two.

Monkman said in a statement, "Although my dad was a very complex human, he was very compassionate towards me, especially when I explained how the kids would tease me for being Ojibway. He'd always let me stay home with him and oftentimes we'd go to the Rez store for chips and pop; I'd get Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke. The lyrics and song title are inspired by these memories of my childhood and of my father."

To convey the song's sense of nostalgia and loss, the music video shows OMBIIGIZI singing the song on a rural road, with these present-day shots are interspersed with vintage family photographs. It was filmed by Richard Briant and Drew McCleod.

Watch it below. OMBIIGIZI's album Sewn Back Together is out February 10 through Arts & Crafts. It's one of Exclaim!'s most anticipated Canadian albums of 2022.

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