Okilly Dokilly Announce Diddly-Dang Dissolution

The Ned Flanders-themed metal band are heading out on a farewell tour
Okilly Dokilly Announce Diddly-Dang Dissolution
Arizona's Ned Flanders-themed metalcore band Okilly Dokilly have announced their doodly-dang disbandment, with their upcoming US tour —Tourdilly Do '22 — being their last as they head for an indefinite hiatus. 

In a statement about the decision, frontman Head Ned said:

When we started Okilly Dokilly, our goal was to play maybe two shows. We imagined being the third or fourth band on a seven-band metal show. We would step out in our sweaters and confuse the 12 or 13 people in attendance, and then have a great story. Things turned out a little differently.

Okilly Dokilly did way more than I ever expected. I'm really grateful for all the people who have been part of it. And especially to everyone who came out to our shows to say howdilly doodilly. We've been touring pretty relentlessly since 2016 and, last year, I became a dad. So it's time for a break. It's time for me to shave off the Ned mustache and grow the dad mustache.

The started-as-joke five-piece were a viral sensation essentially right off the bat, with tours booked before they'd ever even performed together. They released two albums, 2016's Howdilly Doodilly and 2019's Howdilly Twodilly. The whole thing culminated in 2019 when the band's video for "White Wine Spritzer" was included in the closing credits of an episode — "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh" — in the Simpsons' 30th season. 

Last year, Exclaim! chatted with Head Ned and broke down his favourite Simpsons episodes of all time

Revisit the video for "White Wine Spritzer" below, and pour a plain glass of plain water out for Okilly Dokilly.