Oh Geronimo "Waves" (video)

Oh Geronimo 'Waves' (video)
Toronto folk-rock unit Oh Geronimo dropped a two-track single for "The Flood" / "Waves (The Flood Pt. 2)" earlier this summer, and now the latter of the aquatic-themed songs has been given the visual treatment.
The new clip picks up where the first one left off and features the band on a fantastical action-packed adventure in the forest. Cloaked figures, stolen treasure and a mysterious fog all factor prominently on the group's epic journey.
The band offered up a colourful statement, recapping the second instalment of the series, which reads:
News spread with rapid pace. Ciaranimo and his band of Wanderers had slaughtered Jarvis Manslaughter. The infiltration of the sacred sorcerer sanctuary was complete, but the war had only just begun…
Stu'uldahn's learnings had taught him that death had no end, it merely presented opportunity. The sorcerers still stood a chance and Jarvis Manslaughter could still help them. "We must strike quickly," ordered Stu'uldahn before his mystical brethren. "The Wanderers will consume our land and with them, they'll bring violence, pestilence, and vile fornication. This territory is sacred. No Wanderer shall leave these parts alive."
Unbeknownst to the sorcerer, Ciaranimo and his friends devised their own plans. Perhaps they too could grasp the power of this wizardry and lead their people to freedom, deep within the Canadian wilderness. On this day, the Trail of Bruce succumbs to a battle for the ages. Whose eyes shall look upon the face of death? Who shall be crowned victorious? Oh Geronimo presents "Waves" and the second instalment of a Canadian Wilderness Fantasy Epic, The Wrath of Stu'uldahn.
Watch Exclaim!'s exclusive video premiere of "Waves" in the player below.