Now You Can Listen to That "Stop Making Sense' Tribute Album

'Everyone's Getting Involved' is out now

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 17, 2024

After rolling out track after track over the last few months, Everyone's Getting Involved — the Stop Making Sense covers compilation — has finally been released today (May 17).

Covering Talking Heads is a tough feat, and most of these are just fine. There has, however, been debate in the Exclaim! office over Kevin Abstract's version of "Once in a Lifetime" — some of us love it, some of us hate it. Listen to the whole album below, which includes the previously released covers from Paramore, Lorde and girl in red, among others.

Everyone's Getting Involved is one of many cogs in the Stop Making Sense 40th anniversary machine. Some more riveting ways to celebrate the greatest concert film ever is to catch a screening at one of the theatres hosting residencies, or to revisit our 10/10 review of the remaster.

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