'Stop Making Sense' Is Returning to Theatres

Watch it on the big screen at Toronto's Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 17, 2024

The greatest concert film ever is returning to theatres once again. After A24 remastered Stop Making Sense in 4K ahead of its 40th anniversary, the film house is staging additional viewings across Canada and the United States.

The Talking Heads/Jonathan Demme masterpiece will have residencies in select cities starting January 27. Toronto, New York, Austin, Boston, Chicago, London, Seattle, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Portland and San Francisco are among the lucky few to get more screenings following the remaster's initial theatre run last fall. Pre-orders for a special edition Blu-ray will be available at all participating theatres.

A flippy floppy search bar on the Stop Making Sense website lists the sole Canadian show as Toronto's Hot Docs viewing on January 27 at 9:30 p.m. Searching for Vancouver viewings directs to Seattle, whereas Montreal says show times are "coming here soon." Considering this is meant to be a residency, perhaps more showtimes will come. Tickets for the existing screenings are available for purchase now.

One thing that would make sense, however, is if Toronto were Talking Heads' Canadian favourite. The band reunited at TIFF in September, and the Stop Making Sense touring band also made their debut just outside of Ontario's capital. If you ask us, we think it means they should come back for an encore.

Stop Making Sense's official anniversary is this summer, and Talking Heads have not wavered on celebrating. They've just announced a tribute album with details to come — though Paramore has revealed they've covered "Burning Down the House" for the effort.

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