Nothingface Skeletons

Washington, DC quartet, Nothingface, return to the scene with their second release for TVT Records and their fourth overall CD. Nothingface is one of the bands that should have been swept up into popularity along with bands like Linkin Park. But alas, they somehow got lost in the mix. Vocalist Matt Holt’s ability to mix melodic harmonies with hardcore vocals is incomparable. But Nothingface go so much deeper and darker than the previous ever would. There is a raw edge to this disc that feels like picking at an open sore. Highly underrated as a group, Nothingface seems to use Skeletons to take a stab at organised religion and its well-publicised problems, the American government and their actions in the Middle East, and more. Produced by Bill Kennedy (Monster Magnet and Nine Inch Nails), Skeletons will take Nothingface on a long tour schedule including their current run with Ministry and the entire summer on the Ozzfest line-up. The band continues to evolve sonically on their recordings and Skeletons is the current transformation. A good pick. (TVT)