Nick Oliveri Quits Kyuss Lives!

Nick Oliveri Quits Kyuss Lives!
Things just aren't going Kyuss Lives! way this month. Following a lawsuit filed against the act by former Kyuss members Josh Homme and Scott Reeder, the modified version of the desert rock icons have now lost their bass player, Nick Oliveri.

An interview with Antiquiet had the four-stringer explain why he's bowed out of the project. Namely, he just felt his time in the act was up, and he wants to focus full time on his Mondo Generator project.

"[Frontman] John [Garcia]'s idea, when I was [first] asked to [be a part of Kyuss Lives!], was we were going to do a tour and promote our solo bands," he said. "Seeing John do it already with Garcia Plays Kyuss at such a big level, [we thought], 'Wow, man, we could actually reach some people with our solo stuff in a very honest way and play the tunes that we have mad respect for and love as well. Basically, at the end of the day, that's what I'm doing. I'm gonna bow out and do Mondo Generator, because that's what we were supposed to be doing originally."

Oliveri hooked up with Garcia to play shows around the U.S., but was forced to bail on overseas and Canadian gigs because of his troubles with the law. The bassist is currently awaiting his pre-trial date over last summer's standoff with a Los Angeles SWAT team. He recently pled not guilty to felony weapons and drug charges, and could face up to 15 years in prison.

"To be in Kyuss, if I'm not having a good time," Oliveri added. "It's like… When I was a kid, I had a great time doing it. It sucked being out of it. I don't wanna be fired from any band… again. I figure to walk away with my head up high and do my own thing is a respectable thing, and I think I need to do that."

The musician also weighed in on his friends' lawsuit, explaining that he understands both sides of the argument, but won't be picking favourites.

"When people sue each other, it guarantees that a band will never be together. It just guarantees that those people will never play in the same room together again."

You can watch the interview with Oliveri below.