Kyuss Lives! Respond to Josh Homme/Scott Reeder Lawsuit

Kyuss Lives! Respond to Josh Homme/Scott Reeder Lawsuit
Earlier this week, former Kyuss guitarist Josh Homme and bassist Scott Reeder filed a lawsuit against the current incarnation of the desert rock act, dubbed Kyuss Lives!, claiming trademark infringement and consumer fraud over the use of the name. The other side of the story is unfolding, however, as founding members and current torchbearers, vocalist John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork, have now issued a statement expressing their disappointment over their legal snafu.

It had been alleged by Homme and Reeder that the management team behind Kyuss Lives! was plotting "to steal the name Kyuss." Garcia and Bjork didn't address the issue in their curtly worded comeback, but they insist that business discussions that took place last January were going smoother than their former bandmates claim.

"We are both shocked and saddened that our friend and one-time bandmate has chosen to file a lawsuit against us, especially after having positive discussions since our reformation," Kyuss Lives! said in a statement. "We look forward to resolving this private matter behind closed doors and moving forward with work on our new album and connecting with our amazing, loyal fans."

Homme had refused to participate in any Kyuss Lives! activities, but Reeder had played on the group's European dates.

It's been a wild month for past and present members of the collective, with ex-bassist Nick Oliveri pleading not guilty last week to felony weapons and drugs charges incurred after a SWAT team standoff last summer. As previously reported, his pre-trial date is set for April 15.

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