Nebelhexë Laguz Within the Lake

Norway’s Andrea Haugen is holding a séance and channelling both Siouxsie and the Banshees and Loreena McKennitt into her music for her debut release as Nebelhexë. The payoff from this sinister late night conjuring is nothing short of eerie, enchanting, intoxicating and gorgeously realised in every way. Laguz Within The Lake plays as a series of musical incantations combining the mystical sounds of the East, with tribal drums of the West. The hymns of northern Europe and rich synths feel at home in the midst of these more primitive textures, as they would in the latest industrial dance floor cut-up. Nebelhexë takes the old school of goth and dresses it up for a night out in more intellectual circles. She walks her ghosts, with a stunning amount of respect for the roots of the musical genre, while not hesitating to cultivate other styles and make them her own within that same musical framework. From the simplest arrangements to the most complex, the results are haunting! Haugen’s vocals warble and chant and seemingly do everything including a full auditory and sensory raindance and binding spell. Laguz Within The Lake, born from musician / author Haugen’s long-celebrated pagan spiritualism and previous experimentations with medieval styles and authentic instruments, is a treasure and undiscovered masterwork all in one. Perfect for a night of modern ritual. (Candlelight)