Napalm Death "Smash a Single Digit" (video)

Napalm Death 'Smash a Single Digit' (video)
Napalm Death's labour relations-themed Apex Predator - Easy Meat is due out next Tuesday (January 27), but the band are getting their big business-castigating point across early in a new animated video for the set's "Smash a Single Digit."

Directed by Michael Panduro, the clip for the political grind piece is likewise scathing, with the hand-drawn critique presenting workers as pre-packaged, faceless drones to be exploited by the higher-ups. In it, a hard-working figure expends too much energy on the factory line, and is promptly chewed out by the system. With an overflow of eager, desperate souls in the wings, the cycle begins again.

Vocalist Barney Greenway said in a statement: "It shows nothing of dignity or life's fundamental pleasures — only a snapshot of those unfortunate enough to only be deemed as numbers for production quotas in this world. When a 'digit' has therefore been expended, it is rubbed out (or consumed leaving no trace, as in the case of this video)."

Apex Predator - Easy Meat lands Tuesday (January 27) through Century Media, with Napalm Death then taking off on their "Through Space and Grind" tour with Voivod.

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