Myrkur 'M' (album stream)

Myrkur 'M' (album stream)
After stunning listeners last year with a self-titled EP, Danish black metal experimenter Myrkur is back with her first full-length effort for Relapse Records. While M officially lands in stores next Friday (August 21), you can hear the merging of spectral shrieks and choral vocals a week early in a full-album stream.

A press release notes that the project's Amalie Bruun recorded her 11-song LP in various spots around Oslo, Norway, including a tomb at Emanuel Vigeland's Museum. Fittingly, there's a haunted quality to tracks like "Skøgen Skulle Dø," which starts off with the sounds of a full-bodied classical choir before erupting into an arrangement of screeching vocals, mud-thick guitars and rusted brass.

The album mixes ethereal winds, tranquil piano and gosling-soft coos on "Nordlys," but Bruun is content to flip the script on hard-swung crushers like "Mordet," which goes for the throat with its black metal blasts, rapid-fire guitar assault and terrorizing screams."Dybt i Skoven" splits the difference, with aggressively hammered out beats placed alongside airy, dream-gazing vocal work.

You can sample all M has to offer down below.

The album isn't the only Myrkur material to look forward to. As previously reported, Bruun will be contributing a new track to Adult Swim's ongoing summer singles program. Her as-yet undetailed track lands September 21.