Myazwe Things I Never Said

Myazwe Things I Never Said
Since the release of his first album, E: My Experiences on Empty, in 2017, Winnipeg rapper Myazwe has explored different sounds and delivery styles to create something that's unique to his releases and become consistent — even if it's not sonically consistent in the big picture.
His latest album, Things I Never Said, which follows his 2018 EP We Need To Talk, demonstrates that very same strategy: different kinds of production and different rhyme schemes that are woven together with smooth transitions and Myazwe's heightened lyrical abilities.
The 14-track album seemingly splits itself into sections: progress, action and reflection. The first part, which includes "Around Here," "Rather Me (Around Here Pt. 2)" and "All I Know" — the latter two being very nasal-sounding songs — puts a focus on the unrelenting come-up. But as the album continues, Myazwe sheds layers. Rapping about the rise to success over a re-work of Jorja Smith's "Blue Lights," Myazwe gets vulnerable, acknowledging the troubles and worries that fame brings. Meanwhile, the gospel-driven "Prayers for My Dawgs," which has a slight hint of Marvin Sapp's "Never Would've Made It," ends with a recorded sermon about declaring what's meant for you. For Myazwe, he continually reminds you that it's music.
Canadian-born and Minnesota-raised Allan Kingdom, who also happens to be Myazwe's family, joins him for the uptempo Afropop-influenced "No Time," while Winnipeg artist Lavi$h, as well as Philly (via Winnipeg) rapper LiMM, join him on the Migos-like single "Drip." That leads into the trap-influenced singles to follow ("Rinsed," "Lifestyle (Too Lit)," "Blow a Bag"). Unfortunately, despite the "trap section" of the album being catchy, Myazwe gets lost in the flurry of sound-alike songs, down to his adlibs.
At a time when rap artists aren't keen to adhere to a particular sound, Things I Never Said is the blueprint for the march. Though, as well as Myazwe can hold his own when it comes to the music he makes, even becoming a promising artist that could break out from Winnipeg at a greater level, his big picture would benefit from being tightened up before he gets lost in the American sauce. (Independent)