Mute Math Flesh and Bones: Electric Fun

If their debut album made you forget what a phenomenal band Mute Math really are, this DVD will remind you. Flesh and Bones: Electric Fun can best be described as orgasmic. For any music nerd who’s slightly enthralled by organic noise or experimentation, Mute Math are a live band to worship. The five bodies move about their cluttered stage like magicians, constantly changing shape. As they move, beautiful sounds escape their sweaty bodies and echo through the air. Paul Meany, upfront with his keytar or behind an organ-esque keyboards, convulses and emotes, while the band’s hidden talents are behind the drum kit. Mute Math are a band best at home on a stage. The DVD also comes with a live in-store performance where you see the band crammed in a small space performing a unique version of "Reset.” Darren is especially resourceful as he uses the poles holding the speakers and other equipment as a source of noise, and the rest of the band play with their toys, leading one to wonder: where does the line between music and noise reside? Later, you may get a chuckle out of the contradicting interview with bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and perhaps you may decide to take up photography after admiring the artistic shots and colours of the live show. But either way, it’s easy to say releasing this live DVD could possibly be one of the best decisions Warner ever made, especially after Mute Math’s flat sounding debut. (Warner)