Moby Contributes to New Mark Webber Film 'The Ever After'

Moby Contributes to New Mark Webber Film 'The Ever After'
Photo: Eleanor Stills
Moby just showed off his directing chops by helming a music video for David Lynch, and now the electronic producer is getting on the other side of the camera for a new film called The Ever After.

The flick is an indie drama directed by Mark Webber (The End of Love, Explicit Ills). Not only is Moby appearing in the movie as a supporting actor, he's also writing music for the soundtrack, Film Music Reporter points out.

It's unclear exactly what Moby's role will be, since IMDB doesn't list his character's name, and there's no specific information regarding his musical contribution. We're not sure if he's scoring the whole film or if he just contributed bits and pieces, but the Los Angeles Film Festival gives him sole credit for the music.

The movie concerns the marital problems of a fashion photographer and his wife. It stars director Webber along with his own wife, Teresa Palmer, plus Rosario Dawson, Phoebe Tonkin, Melissa Leo and Joshua Leonard. Webber and Palmer co-wrote the screenplay and are producing the project. It has already been filmed and will premiere at the aforementioned Los Angeles Film Festival next month.

This isn't Moby's only upcoming soundtrack work. A listing on IMDBPro cites a slew of upcoming films featuring his compositions (although you need to be a subscriber of the sight for more detailed information).