Melvins' New Album 'Tarantula Heart' Beats Along to Two Drummers

Hear the percussive power in action on "Working the Ditch"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 6, 2024

Melvins have detailed a new album. The long-running outfit will share 27th studio LP Tarantula Heart on April 19 via Ipecac Recordings.

Recorded, mixed and co-produced by longtime Melvins collaborator Toshi Kasai, Tarantula Heart features guitar from We Are the Asteroid's Gary Chester, and drums from a pair of timekeepers in long-time drummer Dale Crover and Ministry/Stone Sour/Hellyeah player Roy Mayorga.

“The way we approached Tarantula Heart was different than any other Melvins’ album,” the group's Buzz Osborne details in a release. “I had Dale and Roy Mayorga come in and play along with Steven and I to some riffs, then I took those sessions and figured out what parts would work and wrote new music to fit. This isn’t a studio approach we’ve ever taken. Usually we have the songs written BEFORE we start recording!”

“The majority of Tarantula Heart has dual drum parts,” adds Crover. “Roy is an amazing drummer. We would discuss what we would do pattern wise, then we’d just go for it. Improvising riffs and trading off on drum fills.”

The percussive power of the five-song LP is previewed today with the sludgy "Working the Ditch," which you can hear below alongside a music video. The sunburnt visuals were created by Jesse Nieminen, who previously directed Melvins' short film A Walk with Love and Death.

Melvins are touring Australia, New Zealand and Japan this March, with dates available via Ipecac's official website.

Tarantula Heart:

1. Pain Equals Funny
2. Working the Ditch
3. She’s Got Weird Arms
4. Allergic to Food
5. Smiler

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