Mathew Jonson Reveals 'Her Blurry Pictures'

Mathew Jonson Reveals 'Her Blurry Pictures'
Canadian born techno hero Mathew Jonson seemingly took a lifetime to deliver his debut solo album Agents of Time in 2010. Thankfully, he won't do that again, as he's already prepared a follow-up.

Jonson's next album is called Her Blurry Pictures and will be out on June 9 via Crosstown Rebels.

Prior to the album's release, Jonson will issue a single featuring non-album tracks "Automaton" and "In the Stars" on April 29 via the same label.

The tracklisting for Her Blurry Pictures is available below.

Her Blurry Pictures:

1. Level 7
2. Illusions of Control
3. Sahara
4. Touch The Sky
5. Kissing Your Eyes
6. Body In Motion
7. Lightweight Champion
8. Her Blurry Pictures