Majid Jordan Hint at Potential Khalid Collaboration

Majid Jordan Hint at Potential Khalid Collaboration
Toronto duo Majid Jordan haven't stopped moving since the release of their sophomore album, The Space Between, last October. They kicked off a world tour in January, whisking off to France, Spain, South Africa and points in-between — and they may have picked up some new collaborators during their travels.
In a recent interview, the pair hinted at new music on the way this summer, including a possible offering with singer-songwriter Khalid.
"We're working on so much. We have new music coming in a matter of weeks," the group's crooner, Majid Al Maskati, tells Exclaim! "Khalid, he's from El Paso, TX. We're going there to DJ, and he's going to pull up to the party. We'll see what El Paso brings."
Producer Jordan Ullman says travelling has bolstered the twosome's creativity and has made them feel closer to home. In addition to hitting the studio, Majid Jordan recently partnered with Levi's to create a limited edition T-shirt and patch. The pieces incorporate red and white, a patriotic nod to Mastaki's native Bahrain as well as the group's Toronto hometown. "Toronto is the place that we met, the place that we started this," said Ullman. "When we travel, we bring Toronto with us, [so] we wanted something that represented Toronto as much as it represented us."
Their trek from country to country has also strengthened their friendship. "We love working together. We're brothers! I feel like I'm able to accomplish the most when I'm working with Jordan," said Maskati. Ullman echoes this sentiment, stating that their tighter bond can only have positive effects on the music.
"We're closer than ever. We've turned more into a family," he said. "The respect for one another has grown and we want to bring more to the table for one another creatively. That just leads to greater art."