Madonna "Ghosttown" (video)

Madonna 'Ghosttown' (video)
The future looks grim for Madonna. This is judging by her new video for "Ghosttown," which imagines the world a year from now as a post-nuclear warzone.

In the clip, the ruminating electro-pop song provides the soundtrack for an apocalyptic glimpse of a future in which Madonna is crashing on a bare, dirty mattress while surrounded by the broken remains of her former wealth. She eventually heads out onto the fiery streets in a steampunk-style outfit to engage in some violence and, uh, salsa dancing.

It was directed by Madonna's frequent visual collaborator Jonas Ã…kerlund and co-stars actor Terrence Howard. Watch it below.

This song comes from Madonna's album Rebel Heart, out now on Boy Toy, Inc./Live Nation Worldwide/Interscope Records.