Logic and Madlib Drop Two New Songs as MadGic

Hear "Mafia Music" and "Raddest Dad"
Logic and Madlib Drop Two New Songs as MadGic
Towards the end of April, Logic and Madlib made their debut as MadGic with "Mars Only pt. 3," and the pair have doubled down on their recent team-up with two more new tracks.

Both "Mafia Music" and "Raddest Dad" arrive via Logic's YouTube channel, where he has been uploading new music on occasion.

Not unlike "Mars Only pt. 3," the former recording points to the existence of a lengthier MadGic project. "Madlib fuckin' crazy bro," Logic says on the intro of "Mafia Music." "I'm doing a whole...we did this whole album in a fuckin' night, dog. That's what's crazy. Whole album in a night, bruh."

Logic called last year's No Pressure LP his farewell album, but "Raddest Dad" includes some more recent thoughts on retirement.

When reversed, the song's spoken word outro finds Logic musing, in part, "I mean I retired, but I've been making music every single day since I retired because I love it. And then I think what I realized is that I don't like the industry. So I think I want to retire from the industry. That's why I wanna do this music for free. Sometimes I wanna come back. But I don't know if I should come back."

While further details of said album have yet to surface, you can take in the two latest MadGic drops below.