Logic and Madlib Share New Song as MadGic

So much for "retirement"
Logic and Madlib Share New Song as MadGic
We may never hear Madlib's Mac Miller collaboration MacLib or the indie rock album with Thundercat, but we now have new music from the producer and Logic as MadGic.

Late Friday (April 23), the pair shared new single "Mars Only pt. 3," with lyrics implying that a full-length MadGic project exists: "Logic and Madlib is MadGic, your catalog tragic / Fuck a underground, fuck a pop sound / Made this whole album in a lockdown, hip-hop is our town." 

"Mars Only pt. 3" is the second track to arrive from the supposedly "retired" Logic this month, following "Tired in Malibu." The artist called last year's No Pressure LP his farewell album.

Logic shared that his decision to retire was made "because it came to a point where I felt forced, like I had to do certain things...And it's not that the label made me feel that way. I was doing it to myself, because I'm such a businessman, and I was pushing myself to the brink of insanity."