Liturgy "Reign Array"

Liturgy 'Reign Array'
Liturgy may well bust all of our minds with their upcoming The Ark Work LP. Case in point, the latest reveal from the album is a bric-a-brac explosion of sounds further shuttling the band away from their black metal roots into something as confounding as it is compelling. By all means, check out the 11-minute "Reign Array" right now.

A softly arranged chamber music piece opens the cut, only to be obliterated by a deafening roar of guitars, chimes and scattershot drums. Though speedy, the drums aren't just delivering steady blast beats. Rather, we get sections of freeform, jazzy snare mastery and off-kilter military rolls mixed into the madness. Add to this calmly chanted vocals and an absolutely transcendent choir of bagpipes, and you may have the wildest, most majestic Liturgy song ever.

Thrill Jockey puts The Ark Work into stores March 24. The band head out on the road shortly thereafter, with gigs in Vancouver and Montreal taking place in April. You'll find the details here.