Lil Nas X Drops New SoundCloud Single "Right There"

A taste of his forthcoming 'Nasarati 2' mixtape

Photo: Raph_PH

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 11, 2024

Back in January, Lil Nas X made his comeback with "J CHRIST," a controversial-ish song that invoked Jesus's resurrection as a metaphor for Lil Nas's return. It was pretty light work in the realm of pop stars pissing off Christians (Madonna exists, after all), but the rapper still ended up apologizing for the song's video and Jesus-heavy promotional material. 

The song itself didn't take off the way Nas and his team were likely hoping it would — such ready-made controversy can only get you so far — and he followed it up pretty quickly with "Where Do We Go Now." 

The comeback train continues with "Right There," a new rap-heavy single that Nas dropped on Wednesday. A taste of his forthcoming Nasarati 2 mixtape — which will also include the Take a Daytrip-produced "Light Again" — the song is currently available on SoundCloud. It was produced by Ojivolta, the duo behind Nas's Jack Harlow-assisted 2021 single "Industry Baby."

"Everyone thought I'd be finished / How could he get any bigger than the biggest record ever, ho? / I did it, and did it, and did it again / Look at the charts, who bigger than him?" he raps. 

Check it out below. 

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