'Hägar the Horrible' Is Being Turned into a TV Show by Jim Henson Company

'Hägar the Horrible' Is Being Turned into a TV Show by Jim Henson Company
Hägar the Horrible is breaking free of the funny pages, as the classic comic strip is getting its very own TV series.

The upcoming animated series is currently in development by Fresh Off the Boat writer and producer Eric Ziobrowski, Deadline reports, and the show is coming from King Features and the famed Jim Henson Company.

As Deadline puts it, "The series will follow the hardworking Viking family led by a larger than life hero, Hägar, who can't quite understand how the society he once understood is changing around him."

Hägar was created by Dik Browne, and the comic strip has been running since 1973. For the upcoming show, it will be made using Henson Digital Puppetry Studio — a unique animation technology that lets puppeteers manipulate animated characters in real time.

In a statement, King Features president C.J. Kettler said, "As a burly Viking with a tough exterior, Hägar is an enormously sympathetic character who is out of step with the evolving world around him. His village's cultural zeitgeist is changing, and he is trying to keep up. The Jim Henson Company is known for their amazing storytelling and incredible digital puppetry, and we can't wait to reimagine Hägar with them and introduce him to next generation audiences together."

Lisa Henson added, "Hägar is long overdue for his own series, and this new animated family sitcom, set in the rich and hilarious world of Vikings, will continue the tradition of what we do best at the Jim Henson Company. Hägar is such a well-established, evergreen character and audiences immediately know and love him. Dik Browne's comic will be a delightful and irreverent playground for our digital puppetry studio."

At this point, it's unclear which network is attached to the Hägar the Horrible series or when it might arrive.

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