Laura Jane Grace Says She Wants to Move to Winnipeg

"Can a Canadian please marry me before this tour is over?"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 19, 2022

Laura Jane Grace is currently touring Canada, and apparently really loves it — she just said that she's looking for a Canadian to marry so that she can move to Winnipeg.

In the early hours of Sunday morning (September 18), following a show at Winnipeg's Park Theatre, Grace tweeted, "Decided tonight that I want to move to Winnipeg." She's touring Canada through this week, and is looking for someone to marry, evidently so that she doesn't ever have to go home to the US.

Following a subsequent show in Saskatoon yesterday, Grace is making four more Canadian stops: Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Winnipeg. Canadian fans still have time to buy a ring and propose at one of those dates!

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