LAL Announce New Album 'Meteors Could Come Down'

Watch the video for their new single "End of This World Together"
LAL Announce New Album 'Meteors Could Come Down'
Long-running Toronto electronic duo LAL have announced plans for their seventh studio album, a minimalist, emotive collection titled Meteors Could Come Down. It arrives on November 6 via Coax Records.

Recorded throughout the early months of 2020, LAL's Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray have compiled an experimental, hypnotic album in Meteors. The release will focus on Kazi's lush, sparse vocals and Murray's "silvery" synths. With the record, LAL promise to bring hope to the surface amid this year's ongoing sense of impending doom.

"As we took this journey without the noise, the people, and the parties in our warehouse apartment, along with the constant grind outside, I found beauty in the stillness of our block," Kazi said of lockdown in a statement. "I said to myself that If the world was indeed going to end, then being with Nicholas, our chosen family and friends is paradise."

She continued: "After fighting for our lives for so long, we've been actively dismantling a world that wants us dead; we're more than ready to enter a new paradigm. Being together to witness this old world fade away is humbling and hopeful."

Beyond its apocalyptic roots, the album was also inspired by coastal road trips to visit different DIY art scenes and a book by Adrienne Maree Brown titled Pleasure Activism.

Ahead of the record's release, the pair have dropped one of its new songs. Today, LAL share "End of This World Together," alongside a Jose Garcia-directed video.

Watch their new video below, where you'll also find the album's tracklisting.

Meteors Could Come Down:

1. The Bitter End
2. End Of This World Together
3. Meteors Could Come Down
4. No Excuses
5. Still Movements
6. Turn Water Into Blood
7. Free And Broken
8. Who You Are