LAL Drop "Moments of Release," Tease José Garcia-Directed Film Project

It's the latest preview of their forthcoming album 'SPECTACULAR'

BY Nika Petrosian Published Oct 25, 2023

Toronto duo LAL have shared "Moments of Release," the second single from their upcoming album SPECTACULAR, arriving next month via Coax Records.

According to Rosina Kazi, one half of LAL, "Moments of Release" encompasses the constant ebbs and flows of life, and speaks to "the ways in which we find love with the community and, for me, music and nature."

In a press release, Kazi said:

It is about the constant back and forth between grief and joy, whether it be old or new wounds, we can and do find ways to heal, and find love, in a world that often does not encourage or hold us. So we find moments, through dancing, music, sharing, stories, sun rises and sunsets, full and new moons, gatherings, meditation, walking, being creative and still, and releasing that into the world, no words can describe the feeling of transcendence, and how it is such a powerful gift.

"Moments of Release" is accompanied by a brief 48-second-long promo video, meant to tease a film project — said to be a "surreal series of dreamscapes filmed throughout a year" — that LAL have been working on with director José Garcia, and will release alongside SPECTACULAR.

Listen to "Moments of Release" below, where you'll also find the teaser promo video.

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