Lady Gaga Performed Five Shows with COVID: "I Just Didn’t Want to Let All the Fans Down"

Let's have some fun, this pop star is sick

Photo courtesy of HBO

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 24, 2024

Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball concert film premieres tomorrow (May 25) on HBO, and she premiered it for fans at a Los Angeles theatre yesterday (May 23). During the event, she spoke about the pitfalls of touring during a pandemic, and the personal effect it had.

"This was such a special time. This tour went on during a time that people didn't think that you could tour and stadiums were packed all over the world and they were sold out, all dressed up and dancing and singing," she said [via the Hollywood Reporter]. She then revealed that she "did five shows with COVID," as she didn't want to disappoint her fans.

"I shared it with everyone on my team," she continued. "I said, 'I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable at work and you don't have to perform and you don't have to work that day, but I'm going to do the show' because I just didn't want to let all the fans down. And the way that I saw it also is like the fans were all putting themselves in harm's way every day coming to the show."

Videos from the event show the crowd cheering after Gaga admitted to performing while sick — considering some people believe the pandemic is over, this isn't shocking, just a stark jump in public opinion. Watch the footage below.

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