Kodak Black Getting Twerked On at an NHL Game Will Do More for Hockey Than Any Green Day Song

Viewers thought they caught the rapper in some NSFW action while watching the Florida Panthers
Kodak Black Getting Twerked On at an NHL Game Will Do More for Hockey Than Any Green Day Song
Photos: @kodakblack (Instagram)
Since having a pre-megastardom Drake perform at their 2012 All-Star Game, the National Hockey League's list of marketing misfires includes having Kid Rock play that same event and paying Green Day for two years in hopes of crafting a pop-punk puck anthem. Now, it's Kodak Black that has the world talking about the NHL after it was alleged he was having sex in an arena suite during a Florida Panthers game.

Last night (January 11), the Trump-pardoned rapper took in a game between his home state Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks, and received the usual celebrity welcome with an appearance on a jumbotron and photos from his ice level seats shared on NHL social media accounts.
Soon after, the National Hockey League became the National Horny League when a fan shared a clip on Twitter of the artist and a female companion in a compromising position across the arena in a private suite, writing in a caption, "I think Kodak found something better to do at the Panthers game."
Upon the clip's circulation, the NHL deleted photos of the artist from its Twitter feed and didn't promote his appearance at the game any further.
Multiple camera angles that followed the first viral clip, and a further disclaimer from the cameraperson, would later confirm that Kodak Black did not score in the suite as many viewers had thought. Sharing one such angle on Instagram after the game, the rapper chalked the seemingly salacious game event up to his "fly lifestyle."

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Between NHL fans and media making "Kodak moment" jokes, and Kodak Black fans' bewilderment upon learning why he was a trending topic, it's clear that the NHL should assess the rapper two minutes for twerking, and not look to call up aging punks or Mr. "Don't Tell Me How to Live" to help market hockey ever again.

As of press time, the Florida Panthers have the best home record in the NHL, with 19 wins and only three losses. Should the Cats make their Stanley Cup dreams come true this season, Kodak Black could join in the parade like Big Boi did with their state rival Tampa Bay Lightning, if not a suite fixture.