Watch Kid Rock's New Video for Anti-Snowflake Song "Don't Tell Me How to Live," or Do Literally Anything Else

It's dumb

BY Kaelen BellPublished Nov 19, 2021

In news that's as painful to write as it probably is to read, you can now watch Kid Rock's new music video for "Don't Tell Me How to Live," his new Monster Truck-featuring single that rages against "millennial snowflakes" and, broadly, "the offended." 

If you've got absolutely nothing better to do, you can check out the green screen-heavy video below, which is so dumb and on-the-nose that it might be mostly a joke? It's hard to tell anymore. 

In the video, Rock wears a T-shirt that says "Social Media Sucks," compares himself to Bruce Springsteen and Brad Pitt, and declares that "a nation of pussies is our next generation." There's also a really quick shot of a dog wearing sunglasses, which is actually pretty sick. 

Watch the video below, or maybe step outside for a second and take a big breath of fresh air. 

Kid Rock's most recent career moves include using a homophobic slur and calling Joe Biden a "woke pussy." 

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