Kathleen Edwards Emerges with Her First New Song Since 2012

Brace for the holidays with the Canadian songwriter's "It's Christmastime (Let's Just Survive)"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Nov 6, 2019

While Canada's Kathleen Edwards has remained relatively quiet in recent years, she has returned with her first original song since 2012. And a bit surprisingly, it's a new Christmas song.

The new original yuletide offering is called "It's Christmastime (Let's Just Survive)," and you can hear it down below.

The track comes as part of the upcoming Dualtone holiday album A Dualtone Christmas, due out December 6.

As you'll hear, Edwards tears the holiday season a new on the jokey new song. As Edwards explained, she wrote the song during the 2018 holiday season.

"It's that time of the year where you click the radio, and there's the standard Christmas fare," she told Rolling Stone. "I was like, 'none of these are actually what Christmas is like. Christmas is a fucking zoo. It's nuts and it's not really that fun. It's just chaos from start to finish. You spend too much. You fucking expect too much. Your parents, there's always the drama of your dysfunctional fucking family. I was like, 'How come there are no songs about that?'"

Well, now there is, and you can hear it for yourself below.

A Dualtone Christmas also will feature holiday offerings from the likes of Mt. Joy, the Lone Bellow, Amos Lee, Wild Child, Delta Sprit, Ivan & Alyosha and Langhorne Slim.

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