Julie Byrne Announces New EP, Shares "Velocity! What About the Inertia!?"

BY Nika Petrosian Published Oct 18, 2023

New York singer-songwriter Julie Byrne has just announced her new EP Julie Byrne with Laugh Cry Laugh, due November 17 via Ghostly International. Bryne has also shared "Velocity! What About the Inertia!?" from the EP.

Julie Byrne with Laugh Cry Laugh is a collaborative effort culling the talents of Byrne, Emily Fontana and Taryn Blake Miller, who also release their own music under the name Your Friend. In addition to three new songs, it includes a cover of Jackson Browne's "These Days" (which she shared through Light in the Attic in April of 2021).

The four-track EP features material that the trio began working on during the winter of 2022 in Miller's apartment, and, according to a press release, is meant to serve as an "intimate nod" to the "romance that can find you in New York City at night — the sense that time is slowed, fluid, and simultaneous — to be with everybody and to be alone all at once."

That sentiment is most certainly captured on the lush, dreamy and lofty while simultaneously solitary and isolated "Velocity! What About the Inertia!?"

Julie Byrne with Laugh Cry Laugh is Byrne's second release of the year, after her third studio album and Exclaim! Staff PickThe Greater Wings.

Listen to "Velocity! What About the Inertia!?" below, where you can also find the tracklist for the EP. 

Julie Byrne with Laugh Cry Laugh:

1. '22
2. These Days
3. Velocity! What About the Inertia!?
4. Entropy Increasing

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