John Dwyer's Coachwhips Reissue Debut Album on Vinyl

John Dwyer's Coachwhips Reissue Debut Album on Vinyl
Prior to leading experimental garage rock faves Thee Oh Sees, John Dwyer slung his six-string and screamed in the chaotic noise rock three-piece Coachwhips, who will now have their full-length debut Hands on the Controls served up on LP for the first time this fall. Castle Face Records puts the reissue into stores September 3.

A press release for the set explains that Coachwhips' music was "brutally and primally basic," and the band strung together their debut effort using "a telephone through a guitar amp, half a drum kit, a shitty Casio organ, and primal speed-trash riffs."

Originally issued by Black Apple Records on CD in 2002, the album featured 17 studio tracks and an additional pair of live recordings of the set's "OK, Next Day" and "The Bitch Is Gonna End Up Dead."

The vinyl reissue comes remastered and adds six never-before-released tracks, though the details on those songs have yet to be revealed. The press release adds that the artwork has been tweaked up, and the LP packaging will also include "period photos from [Dwyer's] own personal collection."

Coachwhips recorded five full-lengths in their four-year run between 2001 and 2005, with the last, The Double Death, arriving posthumously in 2006.