Jerry Leger / Graham Nicholas

"Rusty but Workin'" / "One Gallon to Go"

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 7, 2015

The Carl Wagon is a bookmobile, but rather than strictly focusing on literature, the travelling library now has a companion 7-inch. This is a split single from rootsy songwriters Jerry Leger and Graham Nicholas.

The split is called Safely Home. Appropriately, given the nature of the project, both songs are about cars. Each tunesmith sings about a rickety vehicle; Leger's "Rusty but Workin'" describes a ride home in a car on its last legs, while Nicholas' balladic "One Gallon to Go" uses a rust bucket as a metaphor for a relationship.

Hear the songs below. The cover art was created by Shannon Gerard, who operates the Carl Wagon.

Leger and Nicholas will release Safely Home with a Toronto show on May 15 in the back room of the Cameron House. Grady Kelneck is also on the bill.

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