Jennifer Castle Welcomes 'Monarch Season' with New Album

Check out the video for the single "Justice"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 16, 2020

Ontario singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle has announced a new album. Monarch Season is out on October 16 via Paradise of Bachelors/Idée Fixe Records.

This is Castle's sixth full-length, marking the follow-up to 2018's Angels of Death. An announcement notes that this is her first fully solo album, in the sense that she recorded it alone in her kitchen in Port Stanley, ON. Apparently "a chorus of crickets provides rich interstitial support throughout."

The album was produced by Castle, along with Jeff McMurrich. Additional recording was completed last fall at Sonology studio in Toronto.

Castle explained the album with the following statement:

I had forgotten, somehow, that moonlight is the reflection of sunlight. The moon is so iconic, it had become its own celebrity to me. Sometimes individualization is like that. We are praised to become our own identity — singular shining orbs. This record is a reminder to cherish openly that which reflects off and onto me. A reminder that stone orbs only become meaningful moons when they experience the gravity and light of others.

Hear the peaceful ballad "Justice" below, and check out the animated video by Jesi Jordan.

Monarch Season:

1. Theory Rest
2. NYC
3. Justice
4. I'll Never Walk Alone
5. Monarch Season
6. Moonbeam or Ray
7. Purple Highway
8. Veins
9. Broken Hearted

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