Jennifer Castle 'Angels of Death' (album stream)

Jennifer Castle 'Angels of Death' (album stream)
Jennifer Castle has been teasing us with the promise of her Angels of Death, and now her first album since 2014 is officially here.

Angels of Death marks the proper follow-up to 2014's Pink City, and it's Castle's third album overall. She wrote and recorded Angels of Death in a 19th century church near the shores of Lake Eerie, with production provided by Jeff Murrich.

In an earlier statement, Castle expanded on the record's themes as follows:

The fictional concept of death rears its head in so many of my songs, always on the periphery, or as a side note, or a reminder, a punchline or the bottom line, always sniffing around like a death dog. For once I wanted to try to put it in my center vision. In order to talk about death, I armed myself with the only antidote I know: writing. Is this a record about death or a record about writing? Hard to tell in the end. I began to think of poetry as time travel. I tried to write messages to the future.

You can hear how that plays out for yourself below.

Angels of Death is out now through Idée Fixe/Paradise of Bachelors.