Jay Reatard's Terror Visions Reissue Detailed

Jay Reatard's Terror Visions Reissue Detailed
This summer, we learned that on top of the recent Reatards and Lost Sounds reissues, the late Jay Reatard's synth punk work as Terror Visions would be getting the deluxe treatment as well. At the time, we knew that Terror Visions lone album, 2007's World of Shit, would be re-released with an expanded tracklist, but it's only now that we know the full details.

On top of the 14 cuts that appeared on the original, there are two more Terror Visions tracks attached to the reissue. Interestingly, original number "Infection" is tossed midway into the tracklisting, while we can now confirm that the Brian Eno cover we were left wondering about last July is of "Baby's on Fire." Check out the details below.

While originally pressed as a picture disc, World of Shit is now being put out on 180-gram vinyl via FDH Records. Pre-orders are now being taken on the label website, but the album won't hit shelves until December 6.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.

World of Shit - Extended Edition:

1. "Blood is Sweet but the Semen is Sweeter"

2. "Today I Abused My Love"

3. "World of Shit"

4. "Medicating Dreams"

5. "Taste It (Face)"

6. "Itching"

7. "Your Blood My Hands (Our Violence)"

8. "Infection"

9. "Oh How the Little Boys Blood Looks Good on Your Face"

10. "Shattered Refections" (Digital Leather cover)

11. "Master Wait"

12. "You Look So Pretty in Red"

13. "Endless Tunnel"

14. "Death in America"

15. "Serve and Protect"

16. "Baby's On Fire" (Brian Eno cover)